8,500 / Person

Pay 1,000 per person

Autumn / Summer / Winters
Total Trekking Distance: 30 Km
Trekking Duration: 4 Days
Trek Difficulty: Moderate
Experience Level: Beginner
Fee Includes: Joshimath to Joshimath

Batch Availability

15 Oct – 20 Oct (Available)

22 Oct – 27 Oct (Available)

29 Oct – 3 Nov (Available)

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12 Nov – 17 Nov (Available)

19 Nov – 24  Nov (Available)

26 Nov – 1 Dec (Available)

Kuari Pass Trek

Kuari pass trek is a magnificent trek with beautiful landscape views in Garhwal Himalayas. It is also known as Lord Curzon Trail. Kuari Pass trek is one of the best treks in winter and might be accessible in all seasons. It is an old trekking route to connect Virahi Ganga Valley with the Dhauliganga river valley. It also connects with the Roopkund trail. Kuari Pass Trek is an excellent choice for trekkers who want to enjoy snowy mountains, face challenges in harsh conditions, passionate about birds and flowers.

From Kuari Pass Trek, you will get the best panoramic view of mount Nanda Devi(7816m), Dunagiri(7066m), Hathi(6727m), and Gauri(6708m). Apart from these, Neelkanth, Kamet, Mana Peak, Rishi Pahad, Mukut, Changbang, etc., are also visible from Kuari Pass Trek.

Best time to visit Kuari Pass Trek

Kuari Pass Trek can be accessible in different timeframes. The best time to visit the Kuari Pass trek is November – December in Winters, March- April in Spring, and September month in Autumn Season.

Kuari Pass Trek in winters:

From November, fresh snowfall starts, due to which the white sheet of snow gets scattered all over the trek. With the snow-capped Himalayan peaks, it provides very scenic and spectacular landscapes.

Kuari Pass Trek In post-monsoon:

From mid-August to September, the beautiful bugyal which falls in this trek, filled with many different species of colorful wildflowers, Which look very seductive to watch. It is the best time for nature lovers, nature and bird photographers, and amateur trekkers.

Brahmatal Trek in Spring:

In this period, beautiful green forest decorated with red, pink, violet Rhododendron flowers, which gives a splendid panorama of nature with snowy mountains.

Base camp for Kuari Pass Trek

Karchi Village, Near Joshimath, Distt. Chamoli, Uttarakhand, PIN code-246483.

Alternative to Kuari Pass Trek

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Itinerary for Kuari Pass Trek

Day 1: Rishikesh to Joshimath pickup for Karchi

Reach Joshimath via Rishikesh or Haldwani, approximately 260 km from the Rishikesh and 290km from Kathgodam. We will pick you from the Joshimath for the Karchi village. Karchi village is a beautiful small village, which is our base camp for the Kuari Pass Trek. People in Karchi village have well maintained their old traditions and values. You will enjoy the fresh and healthy organic food there.

Day 2: Karchi to Saimati

On the first day of trekking, you should wake up early in the morning because the first ray of sun falling on the Hathi-Gauri and Dronagiri mountains is mesmerizing. It is always fascinating to watch the golden-red reflection of the sun rays on the Himalayan peaks. We will do some stretching and yoga so that it will be easy for you to climb. After breakfast, we will start hiking towards the Saimati campsite, a 4 km climb from the Karchi Village. So gear up for the upcoming adventures.

The nearest campsite before the Kuari Pass is the Khullara campsite. Khullara campsite is located at an altitude of 3390m and around 1104m higher than Karchi village. It is advisable not to climb more than 900m in a day while going above 2500m altitude. There is a chance to get Altitude Mountain Sickness while going beyond 2500m. Therefore, we camp between the Karchi Village and Khullara campsite, which is Akhrotghatta/ Saimati campsite. Saimati is a small beautiful bugyal near Chhani village located in the middle of the forest.

Day 3: Saimati to Khullara Campsite

After having breakfast in the morning, we will leave for the campsite. Khullara Campsite is at a distance of about 3 Kms from Saimati Campsite. The hiking trail proceeds through the forests and beautiful meadows. Meadows are full of green grass and colorful flowers in September, which is very attractive to see. After September, due to extreme cold at night, these green grass and flowers die and are converted to golden-brown meadows. During winters, Khullara Bugyal and Kuari Bugyals cover with a sheet of snow. From Khullara, one has a mesmerizing view of the Himalayas and the surrounding forest. You would find many types of birds around Khullara as well as the beautiful Monal bird can also be seen.

Day 4: Khullara to Kuari Pass and Back

From Khullara Campsite, we will leave early in the morning for Kuari Pass. Kuari Pass is about 6 km from Khullara. Keep only the essentials with you as we will be back at Khullara Campsite today. As soon as we climb a climb of about 200 meters from Khullara, we reach Kuari Bugyal. After trekking about 1.3 kilometers in Kuari Bugyal, you will be at the top ridge of Bugyal. There is a small temple and two stone pillars on either side of the trek, which give a gate-like feeling.

The trail from Auli to Kuari Pass is also meet at this place. There is a view of the Kuari Pass area and the path for the Kuari Pass trek. Trekking from here to Kuari Pass is relatively easy. There is one more mountain ridge before Kuari Pass, which is also the highest point of the Kuari Pass Trek. You can see Kuari Pass visible from this point.

When you reached Kuari Pass, another part of the Kuari Pass Trail or Lord Curzon Trail is noticeable, which goes towards Irani village via Pana village. From Irani village, you can go towards Badrinath Highway via Ghat. From Irani village, one can also go on other treks like Sapta Kund Trek, Roopkund Trek, and Nilladi Belpatra Trek. Kuari Pass trek is used for centuries by villagers for travel. It connects Virahi Ganga and Dhauliganga Valleys. After spending some time in Kuari Pass Trek, we will go back to the Khullara Campsite.

Day 5: Khullara to Auli

Today is also going to be very adventurous. First of all, we will connect to the Kuari-pass-Auli trail to reach Auli from the Khullara campsite. The trek goes from a sharp mountain ridge and has many challenges. Therefore you should be very cautious while passing the mountain ridge. The Khullara-Auli trek is 14 km long, so it will be very tedious for you but also very scenic. An extensive Himalayan range is visible from this trail. Also, the best view of the Nanda Davi Peak is visible from the trek ahead. We will reach Auli by the evening via Tali Taal and Garson Bugyal. We will stay at the skiing destination Auli.

Note: Today’s stay point may change due to heavy snowfall, inaccessible routes, unforeseen weather conditions, or other reasons. It could be Joshimath via Karchi.

Day 6: Joshimath to Rishikesh

We will drop you at bus station Joshimath. From there you can go to your respective destinations. You have completed the Kuari Pass Trek, one of the best treks in the Garhwal Himalayas. Hope! You would have enjoyed this trek and taken unforgettable memories of this trek with you. Don’t forget to give your valuable feedback and share your experiences with us.

Kuari Pass Trek Price

8,500 Inc GSTJoshimath to Joshimath



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Kuari Pass Trek FAQs

The best time for Kuari Pass Trek is the winter season. It is beautiful to view snowfields and snowy mountains. Apart from winters, September month also the best time to visit Kuari Pass Trek as at this time there are beautiful meadows filled with flowers of different colors.

Joshimath is the pick-up and drop point for the Kuari Pass Trek. Our price is inclusive of pick-up from/drop to Joshimath.

The total trek length of the Kuari Pass Trek is about 30 km from Karchi village to Auli. Karchi to Karchi round trip is approximately is 23 km.

In some cases, individuals suffer from Acute Mountain Sickness when ascending to elevations of over 3,000 meters from sea level. However, it is a common and mild condition. If the body gets enough time, then it can be overcome. The reason why it happens is- reduced air pressure at high altitudes as well as lower oxygen levels. One of the more severe forms of mountain sickness is called High Altitude Cerebral Edema, where fluid builds up in the brain. It is a life-threatening situation and requires immediate medical attention.

Yes, AMS may occur during the trek, as the elevation of Kuari Pass Trek is more than 3000m. While going beyond the Khullara campsite, there are more chances of having AMS due to the high altitude of more than 3390m. The highest point of the trek is at the elevation of 3820m. In winters, there are low oxygen levels, so more prone to AMS.

Batch Availability

15 Oct – 20 Oct (Available)

22 Oct – 27 Oct (Available)

29 Oct – 3 Nov (Available)

5 Nov – 10 Nov (Available)

12 Nov – 17 Nov (Available)

19 Nov – 24  Nov (Available)

26 Nov – 1 Dec (Available)

Kuari Pass Trek Facts

Latitude & Longitude

30.447789° N 79.565963° E

Max Altitude

3820m / 12533ft

Total trek distance

25-30 Km

Difficulty Level

Trip Duration

6 Days 5 Nights

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Kuari Pass Trek

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