Cancellation and Refund Policy

In case of unforeseen weather conditions or government restrictions, we can cancel the event. In such cases, you can reschedule your bookings. However, After the start of the trip, we will not provide any refund in any condition.

  • Up to 30 days before the trip: 3% cancellation charges are applicable, 0% deduction over UPI payment.
  • 29 to 16 days before the trip: 10% cancellation charges are applicable, 7 % deduction over UPI payment.
  • 15 to 8 days before the trip: 20% cancellation charges are applicable, 15% deduction over UPI payment.
  • 7 to 3 days before the trip: 30% cancellation charges are applicable, 25% deduction over UPI payment.
  • 2 days before the trip: No refund. However, you can reschedule your trip to the upcoming date 20% processing charge is applicable. 

Discount & Coupons

Make sure you are applying valid coupon codes while making checkout. If you forget to use any coupon during the checkout process, then you will not benefit from the same trek after the payment. We can add or remove any coupon or discount without any prior notice.

Group Discount:

Group/Bulk discount will reflect on cart or trip price when Trip quantity(No. of person) crosses the minimum quantity as per bulk/group rules. 

What if any trip has already a fixed price drop( Trips on Sale)?

The bulk rule will only apply when a bulk percentage discount crosses the sale discount. For example: Suppose any trip has a fixed price drop of 10% and the bulk price table has a 10% discount on 8-12 trekkers and a 12% discount for more than 13 trekkers. Then only a 10% discount will apply for 1-12 trekkers(no extra bulk discount will be added) and when the no. is more than 12 the total of 12% discount will apply on the trip price.

What if there is a special discount on regular price:

In this condition, both a special discount and bulk discount will apply on a trip price. Let’s say If a special discount is 10% and the bulk discount is 12% then both discounts will apply sequentially.

The procedure of using coupons:

How we calculate the discount on cart/checkout:

When only a single coupon is applied: The discount will be calculated on the cart total(Inclusive of GST). For example- If the cart total is 10500 Rs, and the coupon applied is 5%, then the final amount will be 10500- 525 =9975Rs.

When multiple coupons/discounts are applied:- First coupon ( lowest valued first, ascending order) will apply to the full price and the second coupon to the discounted price, and so on.

Example procedure: Find Available Coupons/Discounts link in the cart or checkout section.

After clicking Available Coupons/Discounts a coupon window will open.

Copy the desired coupon code, then apply.

Similarly, apply other coupon codes..