A note to All Trekkers, Tourist, and Local Visitors To the Himalayas

**A Note To All Trekkers, Tourists, And Local Visitors To The Himalayas**

Please ensure to keep the Himalayas clean and sustainable when you come to the Himalayas. We kindly ask you to follow some guidelines during your trip.

Do not litter:

Please do not litter in the Himalayan region, whether it’s meadows, valleys, jungles, glaciers, lakes, or rivers. Always carry a bag for your waste, and dispose of all non-biodegradable waste, such as plastic bottles, wrappers, and cans. If you can’t find any designated disposal points, carry your trash bag until you find any.

Minimize Plastic Use: 

Avoid using single-use plastics. Bring reusable water bottles, bags, and containers. While roaming the Himalayas, you can find many spring water to refill our bottles.

Respect Wildlife:

Do not disturb the local wildlife. Avoid feeding wild animals, as human food might be harmful and can disrupt their natural behaviors. Also, you can transpose bacteria to them, as the human body is immune to those bacteria, but animals might encounter those for the first time. It could be dangerous for them.

Stick to Trails:

Stick to marked/mapped trails to prevent soil erosion in meadows or forests and minimize your impact on the vegetation. Creating new paths can lead to habitat destruction and increased soil erosion. Himalayan meadows have many species of flowers and herbs. Some might be endangered species, so you might unknowingly harm their growth or reproduction. Also, you can deviate from the destination while searching for a short path, or you may lose your strength following uneven trails.

Use Eco-Friendly Products:

Opt for biodegradable soaps and detergents for washing. Avoid using chemical-laden products that can pollute water sources and harm wildlife.
Educate Others: Share these guidelines with fellow trekkers. Encourage others to follow eco-friendly practices to ensure the Himalayas remain pristine for future generations.


By following these simple steps, you help protect the delicate environment of the Himalayas, ensuring that its beauty and biodiversity endure for years to come. 

Safe travels and happy trekking!

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