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Autumn / Summer
Trek Length: 64 Km
Trekking Duration: 6 Days
Trek Difficulty: Moderate
Experience Level: Beginner
Fee Includes: Bageshwar To Bageshwar

Pindari Glacier Trek

Pindari Glacier Trek is one of the oldest and famous trails in India. It is on the bucket list of every trekker who loves long trekking and the different colors of nature. Pindari glacier is an excellent trek for beginners having some/no experience.
Pindari glacier is the source of the Pindar river, the subsidiary of river Alaknanda confluences at Karnprayag. The valley, along with the Pindar river, is known as Pindar Valley. The Pindari glacier lies in the vicinity of Nanda Devi Parvat, surround by the Nanda Khat (6611m), Panwali Dwar (6683m), Changuch (6322m), and Nanda Kot (6861m).

How To Reach Pindari Glacier Trek Base Camp

Haldwani to Bageshwar by bus/taxi then Kapkot, Kapkot to Bharadi to Kharkiya.

Best Time to Visit Pindari Glacier Trek

May, June, August to October.

Base camp For Pindari Glacier Trek

Kharkiya Village, Kapkot, Bageshwar-263679

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Day 1: Kathgodam to Kharkiya via Bageshwar

Reach Kathgodam today via train, bus, or taxi. Try to leave Kathgodam as early as possible. It is a long 210km drive from Kathgodam to Kharkiya. In the drive route, you will see many famous places like Bhimtal lake, a well-known beautiful lake in Uttarakhand, and the heritage cities Almora and Bageshwar. We will pick you from the Bageshwar. Which is at the distance of appx. 160 km from Kathgodam. Then we will reach Kharkiya Village in 2 hours. Overnight stay will be in the lodge/Homestay at Kharkiya village.

Meals: Dinner.
Night: Overnight stay in lodge/homestay.

Day 2: Kharkiya to Khati

After breakfast, we will start our trekking today. It needs to cover 6km of trekking to reach Khati Village. Khati is a beautiful village and rich in culture. You can explore the beautiful hamlet, as we have only trekked 6 km today. So we have plenty of time for wandering around and also to relieve fatigue caused by long-distance travel. Khati village is the last village in Pindari Glacier Trek. Overnight stay will be in the lodge/Homestay at Khati village.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.
Night: Overnight stay in lodge.

Day 3: Khati to Dwali

After breakfast, we will start trekking towards Dwali. We will pass through dense forests, encounter wildlife ( including birds, languor, pheasants, etc.), bridges, thrilling rides on temporary wooden bridges made by shepherds/local villagers. You will be amazed by dozens of beautiful waterfalls ( especially a waterfall at Maliadhaur ), meadows, and you will witness the scenic beauty of the Pindar Valley. We will stay at Dwali, based at the confluence of Kafni and Pindar rivers.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.
Night: Overnight stay in lodge.

Day 4: Dwali to Furkiya

Our next campsite is Furkiya, which is at 6km trekking distance. Route for the Kafni Glacier diverted from Dwali, which is in the east direction from Dwali, and Pindari is in the North direction. Trail for the Furkiya passes through dense forest, water streams, and beautiful valley with views of many small and large waterfalls, which will surely amaze you. The end of the tree line means we reached Furkiya.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.
Night: Overnight stay in lodge.

Day 5: Furkiya To Zero Point and back to Dwali

We will start our trekking at 6 am. The trail from Furkiya to Zero point is full of excellent views. Meadows, Rhododendron shrubs, small glaciers, water streams, and a close view of Nanda Khat (6611m), Panwali Dwar (6683m) are visible throughout the trail. We will spend some time and explore the area around zero point. Then we will be heading towards today’s halt at Dwali.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.
Night: Overnight stay in lodge.

Day 6: Dwali to Khati

After breakfast, we will trek to the Khati village. It’s 14 km of trekking today.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.
Night: Overnight stay in lodge.

Day 7: Khati to Kathgodam via Kharkiya

With memories of the Pindari Glacier trek, we will depart from Kharkia to Kathgodam.

Meals: Breakfast.
Night: Nill.

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Pindari Glacier Trek Map

Pindari Glacier Trek FAQs

The Pindari Glacier is found between Nanda Devi and Nanda Kot in the upper region of the Kumoun Himalayas.

 It is a six or more days trek. Trekkers usually find this trek comfortable to be completed in 6 days.

Pindari Glacier Trek Facts

Latitude & Longitude

30.2665° N 80.0060° E

Max Altitude

3816 m / 12516 ft

Total trek distance

64 Km

Trip Duration

7 Days 6 Nights

Difficulty Level

Group Size


Minimum Age


Pickup Point


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Essential facts

Nearest Medical Facility


Nearest Hospital


Nearest ATM


Mobile Connectivity

Bharadi, Kapkot

Last Electricity


Nearest BUS Station


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Nearest Airport


Pindari Glacier Trek

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Pindari Glacier Trek Reviews

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    Kiran Patel (verified owner)

    The Pindari Glacier! What an amazing Trek. The freshness in the air, the colorful meadows, dozens of waterfalls, and valleys that you will be passing through in this trek will keep you intact with the beauty of the Himalayas. Not so hard and not too easy, I completed this trek while enjoying all the gifts of nature with 4 of my friends.
    The trek leader was amazing! Very professional and skillful. He knew the whole area very well. He was flexible and listened to our requests and take care of us well above what we expected. The camping, food, and snacks all are the best that someone can offer in such remote treks.

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