Potentilla Atrosanguinea

Potentilla Atrosanguinea is commonly known as Himalayan cinquefoil or ruby cinquefoil. It is a perennial herb of the rose family that typically grows to 60-90 cm tall. Potentilla Atrosanguinea is native to the Himalayas distributed from Kashmir to Nepal. It is usually found on alpine meadows, spreading mounds, mountain slopes at elevations between 2400-4200 m. 

Each plant of the Himalayan cinquefoil features a clump of long-stalked, palmate, basal leaves. Each leaf is divide into three finger-like, long-petioled, oblong-lanceolate, serrate-dentate, glossy dark green leaflets (Trifoliate strawberry-like leaves up to 1.5inch long), which have densely silver-haired and coarsely sharp-toothed. Five-petaled, rose-like, ruby-red flowers (3/4inch across) bloom in summer (June to August ) in loose clusters (2-5 flowered apical cymes) which rise above the foliage to 30inch tall.

Vernacular Name English: Dark Crimson Cinquefoil, Himalayan Cinquefoil, Ruby Cinquefoil.

Potentilla argyrophylla var. atrosanguinea
Potentilla atropurpurea de Vriese
Potentilla cathaclines Lehm

FamilyRosaceae (Rose family)
Genus Potentilla ( Potentilla is a genus containing over species of annual, biennial, and perennial herbaceous flowering plants. Potentillas are also called Cinquefoils in English, but they have also been called Five Fingers and Silverweeds. Some species are called Tormentils. Potentillas are generally found throughout the northern continents of the world (holarctic), though some occur in montane biomes of the New Guinea Highlands).
Plant Height 60-90cm
Spread30 to 60 cm
ColorDark blood red
Blooms June-August
HabitatOpen meadows, sandy river banks.
DistributionHimalayas, India, Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan.
IdentificationDark blood-red (or wine red) colored petals. Trifoliate strawberry-like leaves( densely silver-haired and coarsely sharp-toothed).
Traditional Medicinal  Uses Roots use in Wound-healing.

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