Disciplinary Action Policy

This part tells you what you should and should not do. Please read all the points thoroughly. From the start of the trek to the completion, you must abide by our rules and regulations.

What things should you do?

  • You have to reach the pickup point at the scheduled time.
  • Follow the instructions given by Trek Leader.
  • Use all the gears and equipment provided by TrekIQ properly with care.
  • Ask for any gear/equipment before the trek starts.
  • Be kind and supportive to other trekkers.

What things should you not do?

  • You should not ignore the instructions given by your trek leader.
  • Do not harm any gear, equipment, Tent, etc.
  • You should not participate in any heated argument or fight with other trekkers.
  • Do not interact with wild animals/wildlife.

What will happen if you do not follow the given guideline?

  • Most of the treks are in a reserved area. Therefore do not harm any flora and fauna. It will be liable to a serious offense.
  • If any trekker could not reach the pickup point in time, we would wait for a maximum of 30 min. After that, we will move forward to the base camp. However, the trekker can join the next destination as per the itinerary. No traveling expenses shall be returned or paid by us.
  • Gears and equipment allotted to you need to return in 100% percent original condition. Otherwise, you will be liable to partial or whole amount penalty. 
  • Smoking and drinking are strictly prohibited.

Disciplinary Action

We will take disciplinary action if any trekker commits indiscipline and does prohibited things. All our services with the trekker will terminate. Also, they have to leave the tour immediately. No tour fee shall return under any condition.