Ainsliaea Aptera

Ainsliaea Aptera DC. is the most common species found in the Himalayas. It blooms in early summer to mid-summer inside forests with bright flower heads. Leaves usually appear after flowering.

The Genus Ainsliaea is a medicinal herb that belongs to the sunflower family Asteraceae (Compositae), used as a folk medicine for rheumatism, traumatic injuries, edema, and stomachache treatments. The genus Ainsliaea Dc. is distributed in South East Asia ranging from Afghanistan to Japan. Ainsliaea lants are sources of therapeutic drugs and play a significant role in the survival of tribal and ethnic communities.

Vernacular Name English: Wingless Ainsliaea. Uttarakhand(India): Karu-Bhuti, Khad-Jhari (Garhwal). Nepali: Tito Butee.
SynonymsLiatris Cordata.
FamilyAsteraceae (Sunflower family).
Genus  Ainsliaea
Plant Height 30-70cm
Blooms March to July
HabitatHilly areas, along edges of forests and shrubberies.
DistributionWest Himalayas, East Himalaya, Afghanistan, Assam, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Tibet, China, Japan.
IdentificationSmall, white-colored whorl flower, diameter 12-20mm, Wingless leaves.
Medicinal Properties & Uses Anti-diarrhoeal, Antisecretory properties. Used to treat stomachache, urinary diseases, and alleviating fever.

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